Short Comics

Cover for UPGRADE


Maxine hasn't seen her mother since before the Net went up. She brings what she believes to be her pet chicken to a medical tech facility in the hopes that it will start her on a journey to find her mom. UPGRADE is a tale of family, sabotage, and cybernetic chickens.

Originally done as a 24-hour comic challenge in 2013, UPGRADE has since been cleaned up and properly lettered. Available in print!

Cover for Storm Warning

Storm Warning

Born into an oppressive environment, the winged woman has to figure out a way to free herself from the ropes that the men around her tell her she should be happy to have. Storm Warning is an abstract feminist tale.

Storm Warning was first printed in Spring 2013. Second printing was in Autumn 2014.

Cover for The Right Joe

The Right Joe

Dee's love life sucks - at least until she realizes her true feelings about coffee. The Right Joe is about hot relationships and hotter beverages.

The Right Joe was first published as Hidden Criteria. It was printed in An Anthology of Coffee, an anthology of comics by St. Louis area creators edited by Caitlin Moriarity, in March 2013. It is now available in print as a stand-alone story.