Keybound Prologue, self-published perfect-bound comic. July 2017.

Comfort Food Zine, published by Lauren Jordan. One-page comic, The Soothing Spice of Kimchi Fried Rice. April 2015.

The Right Joe, self-published comic book. October 2014.

UPGRADE, self-published comic book. September 2013.

Hourlies 2013, self-published minicomic. September 2013.

Hollis Street, guest comic drawn for Pictures of You, script, lettering, and layout by Gibson Twist. August 2013.

Storm Warning, self-published comic book. April 2013.

An Anthology of Coffee, a comic anthology published by the Comic Creators Coffee Club, edited by Caitlin Moriarity. Short comic Hidden Criteria (since updated as The Right Joe). March 2013.