Keybound - page 4

Keybound - page 4

Keybound - page 4

Digital Color, 2013

Creator Commentary

Part of simplifying the style for the prologue was using solid-color backgrounds to convey character mood shift. Fyodor progresses from feeling knocked off-kilter in panel 1 to defensive (and hopeful that it will work to set his sister off-balance) in panel 2, where the background yellow has become a little less weak. In the third panel Eledrine is isolated from her mom and brother again, feeling unsure of herself, and also appears closer to the reader. Their mother tries to soothe Eledrine, but is sabotaged by Fyodor, who has become emboldened since his attempt to upset his sister is clearly working.

I drew this page with pencil and inked it traditionally. I added panel borders, color, word balloons, and lettering digitally.

You can read the rest of Keybound online as a webcomic.

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