Thanks SLPL Comic Con 2017, and book info

August 08, 2017

Thank you to everyone who came out for the Comic Con at St. Louis Public Library on the 29th! I had an absolute blast, and it was great to connect with everyone who dropped by my table. It was thrilling to speak with so many comics readers and the general energy of the show was lovely. Shout out to the SLPL Central Branch for putting on such a wonderful show! I hope to be back next year. To anyone who wasn't able to attend or otherwise pick up a book, all of my books are available at Subculture in Maplewood, and I expect to have them available to purchase on the site soon as well. If you drop by Subculture, tell them I sent you! Keep an eye out here or on Twitter for an announcement of the online store.

The new Keybound Prologue book, printed 2017 July.

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