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Hourly Comic Day 2017 Cover Image

Hourly Comic Day

Hourly Comic Day is a cartoonist holiday held on February 2 every year. For each waking hour, participants create a quick comic to capture something that happened during that hour. It's a very social holiday, as people often upload their strips to social media as they finish them. I usually do this on Twitter!

I find Hourly Comic Day to be a fun challenge and a great way to see how my work improves over time. Though only 2013 and 2017 are available, I've participated in Hourly Comic Day six times now.

Inktober Cover Image


Selected pieces from Inktober, sorted by year. For this year's challenge I did a mix of figural and abstract work and incorporated a fair amount of inkwash. If you want to see all of my Inktober pieces as they come out, follow me on Instagram!

Inktober is a challenge created by Jake Parker where the objective is to complete an ink drawing everyday for the month of October.