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UPGRADE page 2

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UPGRADE, page 2

MAXINE enters the lobby of the building. The pet on the end of her leash is a cybernetic chicken. The front desk clerk is working on something behind his desk.

MAXINE holding her chicken, speaking to FRONT DESK CLERK: Uh-- I'm here for an appointment. Maxine Thackson? 1 O'Clock, Dr. Clemton? Yes.

FRONT DESK CLERK: Your chicken, please.

MAXINE, handing the objecting chicken over: His name is Lock.

MAXINE, to LOCK: It'll be okay boy-- I'll see you in a little while.

FRONT DESK CLERK, gesturing to his left: You'll go through the scanner and down the corridor. Please give your paperwork to the attendent before going through. Your appointment ticket is at the bottom.