The Right Joe

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The Right Joe page 2

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The Right Joe, page 2

BARISTA: Medium Soy Hot Cocoa

MAN (getting up from his seat) : Ah, that's me!

DEE, smirking : Too late for caffeine?

MAN: No- I just don't care for coffee.

DEE: oh.

Dee looks dejected.

The man gets his hot cocoa, which is in a to-go cup, at the counter. He reaches into his pocket. Dee contemplates her own mug of coffee.

MAN (answer his phone) : Hello, mother. No, I'm not doing anything important. I'm at the student center, so I could be there in 40.

MAN, to DEE : I have to leave- sorry. Let's do this another time.

DEE: uh ...sure?