The Work

Shannon Dybvig is the creator of Keybound, a fantasy webcomic about a young gnome who struggles to navigate her way through complex familial relationships and make new decisions about where to take her life when it changes without warning just before she comes of age. Beyond Keybound, Dybvig has created a few pieces of short comic fiction (notably UPGRADE and Storm Warning) and regularly makes surreal, fantastic, and abstract works of visual art. Common themes that appear in her work include interpersonal relationships and family, futurism, and mental health.

Her comics and art have been included in a variety of publications (both print and digital) and featured in several shows. A list of her publications can be found here, and past appearances are listed here.

The Creator

Shannon Dybvig grew up and lives in St. Louis, Missouri, and earned her Bachelor's in Computer Science at Drake University. She spends her free time gardening, composing music, reading, and learning as much as she can.

Shannon Dybvig's workspace