Keybound - page 3

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Keybound - page 3

Keybound - page 3

Digital Color, 2013

Creator Commentary

Fyodor, unsatisfied with his sister's refusal to engage in his game, takes it a step further. This gets to Eledrine, but their mother finally steps in (only protecting Fyodor). Their mother is sensitive to both their needs, and believes that Fyodor needs more protection and that Eledrine will bounce back more easily. As young as she is, Eledrine doesn't realize how cruel her words are in the bottom panel. Throughout the prologue Eledrine is placed far to the foreground or background relative to Fyodor and their mother to visually emphasize the distance she feels from them. Very quickly Eledrine only shares a panel with her mother when her mother is impatient with her or paying mind only to Fyodor.

I drew this page with pencil and inked it traditionally. I added panel borders, color, word balloons, and lettering digitally.

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