A selection of penciled pages and inked pages, as well as illustrations

For a more complete collection of artwork, visit the gallery. Comics can be read here.

inking samples

Creating Connections Yvette (Portraits of Keybound)(inks) Stimulation (inks) Eledrine tending the Books Ready For Her Flight Transistor Sisters Transit ...And The Men Wept (inks)

color samples

Sabalo Fred the Carrot Sunrise Over the Valley Town Maurice and Marthe Flying a Kite in the Hills of Mouleau The Dragon and The Snail Gynoid - Woman with Orange Headphones Crag at First Light

sequential pages

The Promised Moon - page 1 The Promised Moon - page 2 The Promised Moon - page 3 The Promised Moon - page 4 Keybound - page 1 Keybound - page 2 Keybound - page 3 Keybound - page 4 Stop Calling - page 1 Stop Calling - page 2 Stop Calling - page 3 Stop Calling - page 4

cover samples

Summer Palace Storm Warning The Right Joe (back) The Right Joe (front)

Want to see more? The Gallery contains a more complete collection of art. Comics can be read here.

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