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Current Comics

Keybound, a Fantasy Comic

Journal Comics

Eledrine Galea knew how she was going to conduct her life from a very young age, until one day she had a new role thrust upon her that is incompatible with her old life. Keybound is a fantasy comic about feeling lost as a young adult, understanding your parents as people, and realizing that everyone is stumbling.

Journal comics include direct and abstract strips about my life, from making delicious food to experiences with interpersonal relationships.

Completed Comics

UPGRADE (2013) - 24-page short about family and connections. Involves cybernetic chickens!


Storm Warning (March 2013) - 12-page short about oppression. Features feathered/non-explicit nudity
Storm Warning title
The Right Joe (Re-released October 2014, Originally released in February 2013 as Hidden Criteria) - 8-page relationship adventure comic.
The Right Joe title

Maxine uses her cybernetic chickens to disrupt the net in search of her mom. Instead, she finds her dad has remarried a giant goose.

An abstract tale of oppression and feminism: the retaliation of a woman born into ropes is among the first actions in the coming storm.

Dee's love life sucks until she realizes her true feelings about coffee. The Right Joe is about hot relationships and hotter beverages.