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A gallery of artworks by Shannon Dybvig

Sabalo Fred the Carrot Maurice and Marthe Flying a Kite in the Hills of Mouleau Snail Rain Witch Nighttime Brick Ilse (Portraits of Keybound) Yvette (Portraits of Keybound) Yvette (Portraits of Keybound)(inks) Lazy Star Witch Eledrine tending the Books Transit Eledrine (Portraits of Keybound) Celestial Elven Queen Sunrise Over the Valley Town Crag at First Light Underground Cavern with Lake Summer Palace, Beijing, China Serenity of the Park Bench at Sunset Memories of Northampton The Dragon and The Snail Window ...And The Men Wept ...And The Men Wept (inks) Autumn Dragon Quiet Morning Coffee Stretching to Pieces Stimulation (inks) Transistor Sisters Gynoid - Woman with Orange Headphones Gnomish Woman sketch Tiny House in Rust and Yellow Grumpy Sisters Hurting in Blue (sketch) Self-Portrait (2014 February) Squeezed Out By Stress Ready For Her Flight