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About Me and the Work I Make

Hello! I'm Shannon Dybvig, a comic creator, artist, illustrator, and coder. My work tends to be highly personal and touches on topics that are close to my heart, from interpersonal relationships to daily frustrations to good food and recipes. I hope that my comics both amuse and educate.

Shannon Dybvig in the studio

About my work

I have several ongoing projects, most notably Keybound, a fantasy comic about a young woman who is struggling to navigate her way through complex familial relationships and making decisions about her life. I post Journal comics on an irregular-but-frequent basis. They capture some ridiculous and frustrating moments, as well as delicious recipes I decide to try. I am also working on some projects I can't yet discuss. (If you think I should be working on a secret comic project for you, send me an e-mail!)

My comics and art have been included in a variety of publications (both print and digital) and featured in several shows. Most recently, my comic The Soothing Spice of Kimchi Fried Rice is included in the Comfort Food Zine. A list of my appearances and publications can be found here.

About me

I grew up and currently live in St. Louis and I earned my Bachelors in Computer Science at Drake University in Des Moines. I spend my free time gardening, inventing and perfecting recipes, and learning new skills from the internet.

Workspace and Tools

I am comfortable working with both traditional and digital media, and tend to jump between the two. Most of my work starts with pencil and ink and then moves to digital. I favor inking with a sable brush and India ink, but I use a brushpen with some regularity and am becoming more comfortable with digital inking everyday.

The other part of my workspace is pictured below. I am lucky enough to have a window on either side of my computer desk (one of which is immediately in front of my drawing desk, pictured above). My scanner is just off-frame to the right.

Shannon Dybvig's workspace